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The Practical Science of Data Center Capacity Planning

As the need to balance current and future IT requirements against resource consumption becomes more urgent, the data center industry increasingly views capacity planning as a way of achieving a critical component to planning a new build or retrofit. Data center capacity planning can be a complex undertaking with far-reaching strategic and operational implications. DCD Intelligence has therefore compiled this White Paper in order to share some industry insights and lessons on the practical steps that are needed to develop a successful power and capacity planning strategy.

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Data Center Power: Managing for Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Server Technology had the recent opportunity, along with other partner companies, to participate in discussions across the globe with data center IT and facility managers as part of a road show seminar: Data Center Energy and Operational Efficiency.

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Alternating Phase Power Distribution at the Data Center Rack PDU

The demand for more power in the computer cabinet has led many data centers to upgrade to three phase power distribution. Proper three phase power distribution has traditionally meant dividing up power up into multiple branches within the rack PDU (Power Distribution Unit). In this paper we will explore the advantages of a new, less common approach to PDU design by means of alternating each phase on a per-receptacle basis instead of a per branch basis.

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Advances in Wire-Free Power and Environmental Monitoring in the Data Center

Increasing powering and cooling demands within the data center have been the topics of choice for Data Center (DC) and Facility Managers for several years now. Increased power demands are a result of the need for more compute power and higher density devices have resulted. These high density installations include stacks and stacks of servers and the trend of implementing blade servers within these server "farms." Cooling problems are a direct result of the increased power demands based on the simple fact that more power increases the demand for cooling.

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